Learn SPANISH: All the Basics in 2 Hours!
Learn SPANISH: All the Basics in 2 Hours!
Easy and slow conversation course for beginners.

In this video, you will learn Spanish by following simple conversations that have been written specifically with beginner Spanish students in mind. Every conversation was recorded at two separate speeds; once slowly, to help you get used to Spanish pronunciation and give you time to absorb this new language without being overwhelmed, and once at a normal speed to help you get used to the way native speakers talk. 

Each lesson will focus on a specific topic, teaching you the right balance of Spanish vocabulary, 

grammar, verbs and phrases. This will help you learn in a natural way and get you ready to start taking part in Spanish conversations in record time.

How to get the most out of this 2-hour video: It is recommended that you watch this video from beginning to end, since the conversations follow each other and you will learn important words that will help you understand the rest of the video. However, if you are short on time and prefer to learn only 1 or 2 specific topics, you can navigate the video using the chapters in the timeline of the video.

OUINO USER GUIDE : https://www.ouinolanguages.com/guide/


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:23 Lesson 1 - Meeting a flight attendant
  • 08:27 Lesson 2 - Getting a car ride
  • 14:47 Lesson 3 - Meeting a stranger
  • 22:06 Lesson 4 - Asking for directions
  • 29:09 Lesson 5 - Getting to know someone
  • 38:34 Lesson 6 - Meeting a stranger at an attraction
  • 44:33 Lesson 7 - Shopping for a souvenir
  • 49:50 Lesson 8 - Going to a restaurant
  • 57:00 Lesson 9 - Talking about family
  • 1:04:30 Lesson 10 - Paying at the restaurant
  • 1:10:24 Lesson 11 - Talking about the weather
  • 1:19:11 Lesson 12 - Talking about learning languages
  • 1:26:43 Lesson 13 - Talking about occupations
  • 1:33:19 Lesson 14 - Saying goodbye
  • 1:41:06 Lesson 15 - Meeting a stranger on the plane
  • 1:49:01 Lesson 16 - Talking about traveling
  • 1:56:23 Lesson 17 - Meeting with a loved one

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