Jerry Lawson - How This Man Changed Video Games Forever
Jerry Lawson - How This Man Changed Video Games Forever
When you think of video games, you might think of at home consoles, removable discs and cartridges, or your stockpile of games. Jerry Lawson was one of the only black engineers in his field and because of his innovation, the Fairchild Channel F Console, video games were changed forever.

The humble cartridge is an icon in video game history. But where did it come from? Learn the story behind the first programmable home console - the Fairchild Channel F - and the team behind it. Why couldn't Fairchild capitalize on this revolutionary idea and why did the Channel F console fade into obscurity? 


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:05 - Part 1: Desperation Breeds Innovation
  • 13:58 - Part 2: Mavericks
  • 22:54 - Part 3: A Commitment
  • 31:03 - Part 4: A Long Shadow

The Story of the First Video Game Cartridge

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