How To Play Battleship Shots
How To Play Battleship Shots
Learn the rules to the board game Battleship Shots quickly and concisely - This video has no distractions, just the rules.


The object of the game is to be first to sink your opponent’s ships and life raft by bouncing balls into their territory. Setup the board between two players like so… give each player 3 ships, 1 life raft, and orange 7 balls. Each player places their ships and life raft on their side of the board. Place the red ball in the holder to the side. Before beginning decide if you will bound and/or throw the balls simultaneously or separately. Orange balls that land in ships or the life raft count as hits. When all the spots in a ship or life raft are filled then that ship is sunk. An orange ball landing elsewhere is a miss and the opponent can collect the ball to use on their turn. The first player to land an orange ball in a ship or life raft gets to bounce the red ball. If the red ball lands in your opponent’s life raft, then you win the game immediately, even if your opponent has sunk more ships than you. If the red ball lands in a ship then you treat it as an orange ball. If the red ball is a miss, then put it back in the holder and the next player to get a hit can throw it.

If you land one of your balls in own of your own ships or life raft by mistake, then you leave the ball there and count it against you. The first player to sink all their opponent’s ships and life raft wins.

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It's fun but very difficult and will take a it to get a winner.

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