Dua Lipa’s Glimmering Future Nostalgia Mugler Catsuit
Dua Lipa’s Glimmering Future Nostalgia Mugler Catsuit
Join Contemporary Performance Curator Harriet as she takes a close-up look at a sparkly crystal encrusted catsuit worn by Dua Lipa during her iconic Future Nostalgia tour.

Comprised of a boned corset attached to skintight spandex leggings, accompanied by crystal encrusted gloves and Jimmy Choo boots – the outfit is totally unforgettable – especially when she’s lifted up high for the song Levitating, making Dua glimmer like a human disco ball 🪩 See the incredible detail and construction inside of the costume, as well as customised features and signs of wear, showing just how hard Dua works when performing – especially during her knee-slides.

  • 00:00 Who is Dua Lipa?
  • 01:20 Inspiration behind Future Nostalgia – Studio 54
  • 02:40 Details of the catsuit
  • 04:24 Wear, repairs, inside
  • 06:22 Why is this an important costume?

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