How to Talk to Strangers - The Ping Pong Method
How to Talk to Strangers - The Ping Pong Method
The ping pong method is a conversation technique that can help two people have a natural and comfortable conversation.

It involves:

  1. Asking a question
  2. Discussing the answer
  3. Asking a related question
The ping pong method allows the ball to be in one person's court half the time. In a two-person conversation, the speaker should speak 40–60% of the time. Speaking more than that may make the listener feel self-absorbed.
The ping pong method can also be used to help someone open up, especially if they are shy. The principle of a good conversation is "ping-pong, no slamming". This means the back-and-forth between the two players. A good long rally involves:
  • Watching for strokes
  • Matching energy and strokes
  • Returning the ball safely back each time

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