The Story Of Carols - Series One
The Story Of Carols - Series One
If you've ever wondered when Christmas carols first came about, the answer lies in the 14th century – although their evolution dates back even further. Even before Christianity, it is thought that midwinter songs existed to keep up people's spirits, along with dances, plays and feasts.

Too many spirituals have been lost to history. So how did "Go Tell It On the Mountain," helped save the HBCU that introduced the song to the world?

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Today we think of "O Holy Night" as one of the most spiritual of all carols, but it was once banned by the church, and declared absent the spirit of religion.

O Holy Night

We often don’t understand the lyrics to our favorite Christmas Songs. So we’ll look at the truth behind An Olde English Christmas.

An Olde English Christmas

Did you know that one of America’s most famous poets, wrote a Christmas Song - and made it to the top of the charts in the twenty-first century?

I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day

A young woman working as a secretary, helped save more than a hundred African American Spirituals , and she did it all in the south, during the Civil War.

Rise Up Shepherd and Follow

A damaged pipe organ, a part time organist, and a forgotten poem all came together to create one of the best loved carols of all time.


Silent Night

It’s ironic that an act as divisive as the Civil War, would unify the way Americans celebrate Christmas. But, the holiday we know today largely came into existence in and around the war.

A Civil War Christmas

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