Alessandra - Queen Of Kings (National Final Performance - Eurovision 2023)
Alessandra - Queen Of Kings (National Final Performance - Eurovision 2023)
Alessandra won Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix competition with ‘Queen of Kings’ and will represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool on 9, 11 & 13 May. This performance is from Melodi Grand Prix 2023, courtesy of NRK.

Alessandra Mele is a Norwegian-Italian artist and songwriter. The 20-year-old has lived most of her life in Italy, but decided to move to Norway two years ago after finishing high school as she wanted to get closer to her Norwegian family and to develop her interest in music.

From a very young age she began to sing, dance and cook with her mother to the sound of Frank Sinatra. She took part in her first singing competition when she was 6 years old and won it all with the ABBA classic Dancing Queen. She loves being on stage and feels that this is the place where she can be herself. 

The song Queen of Kings is about daring to be yourself and coming out stronger after difficult times in life. 

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