Scandalous Love Life of Gay Emperor Hadrian of Rome
Scandalous Love Life of Gay Emperor Hadrian of Rome
If we’re talking about ancient love stories, a lot would come to mind. We have the infamous Romeo and Juliet, Lancelot and Guinevere, and even Paris and Helen.

There’s more than just a handful of stories we can go over, but have you ever heard about Emperor Hadrian of Rome and his very interesting relationship with another man? And while you are expecting a happy ending, let me beat you to it and drop a big spoiler: Their love story was everything but beautiful.

Causing an uproar and scandal, Hadrian and Antinous were said to be the tale that has never been told, but for today’s video, I will be going in to give you a rundown about his life, love, and what he did when the special man of his life died.

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