Plane Crazy (1928)
Plane Crazy (1928)
Plane Crazy is a black and white silent Mickey Mouse animated short. It was released in 1928. Though it was the third to be released, Plane Crazy was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon ever to be produced.

Inspired by Charles Lindbergh's historic flight across the Atlantic Ocean, Mickey and his barnyard friends build their own plane. After a brief and disastrous first flight, Mickey quickly puts together a new plane and invites Minnie Mouse to fly with him. After a wild ride around the barnyard, Mickey finally regains control of the vehicle and turns his attention to Minnie.

Though she repeatedly refuses his advances, Mickey kisses her anyway. She then slaps him and uses her bloomers to parachute out of the plane. While distracted by Minnie's act, Mickey doesn't realize that the plane has gone into a tailspin until it's too late and he and the plane crash to the ground.

"Plane Crazy" isn't quite as cute or as innovative as the brilliant "Steamboat Willie", but like "Steamboat Willie" it is a timeless gem and a cartoon milestone in its own right. It is very funny, and is still cute. The black and white animation may be a tad crude by today's standards, but in general it is not too bad. The backgrounds are detailed enough. The music as always is delightful, the story is engaging enough for kids and adults and Mickey once again gives a stellar performance, aided by the equally stellar voice work from Walt Disney.

Overall, is it the absolute best Disney cartoon? Maybe not, but timeless? You bet it is. 10/10. 

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