Touring Dame Zandra Rhodes’ Radiant London Penthouse
Touring Dame Zandra Rhodes’ Radiant London Penthouse
The World of Interiors presents Visitors’ Book with fashion and textile designer, Dame Zandra Rhodes. Sitting above the Fashion & Textile Museum, Zandra’s London penthouse is enveloped by her signature love of colour: “It’s my rainbow penthouse, on top of a pink and orange museum building.”

“I use this place for dinner parties,” says Zandra as she sits at her contemporary dining table that is adorned with her bespoke Carol McNicoll quilted dinner set. As a trailblazer in the fashion and textile industry, Zandra offers some words of wisdom to future generations: “Don’t let the world crush you down…

Follow what you want to do and try your hardest, and in the end, something will happen because you’re leading the way in something.” Watch the full episode of Visitors’ Book, as we explore Zandra Rhodes’ vibrant and dynamic Bermondsey penthouse.

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