Fashion Giants - Anna Wintour
Fashion Giants - Anna Wintour
Documentary about prominent personalities in fashion and the financial aspects of the fashion business.

00:00 Anna Wintour - We profile Anna Wintour the editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine. It looks at her early life and her initial forays in the magazine business at Harper's and New York Magazine. She becomes creative director of Vogue and eventually takes over as editor in a power struggle. She revamps the magazine and becomes one of the most powerful women in fashion.

23:51 Ralph Lauren - How did a working-class boy from the Bronx named Ralph Lifshitz grow up to become billionaire Ralph Lauren, a name that is now synonymous with elegance and sophistication? Learn about his meteoric rise and how he overcame a myriad of challenges to become a global fashion icon.

48:05 Swiss Fashion Valley - The big names in fashion choose Ticino. They come here in ever greater numbers and have a significant impact on the local economy.  Our investigation into Europe and Ticino's Fashion Valley reveals that behind the scenes they use every trick in the book to boost profits, from tax loopholes to a system of subcontracting that delegates production to Chinese Italians working in unacceptable conditions. A disillusioned look at the big brands.

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