Botany (Crash Course)
Botany (Crash Course)
Plants have got you surrounded. They’re in your toothpaste, your bedsheets, and your regular Taco Bell order. In Part 1 we’ll find out what botanists study and how knowledge of plants can help you navigate everyday life. Along the way, we’ll uncover plants’ pervasive, civilization-shaping power—and find that they have their own ways of communicating.


  1. Introduction: The World of Plant Drama 00:00
  2. What Is Botany? 1:46
  3. Plants Are Everywhere 3:39
  4. Agriculture 5:32
  5. Botanical Literacy 6:58
  6. Plant Awareness Disparity 9:48
  7. Review & Credits 12:17

Part 1 - What is Botany?

When you eat a salad for lunch, you’re digging into a giant pile of plant organs. That’s right - plants are made up of organs, only theirs follow a totally different set of rules from our own. In Part 2 we’ll explore what it takes to build a plant, including roots, leaves, and stems, and how one little tomato went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.


  1. Introduction: Plant Organs 00:00
  2. Stem Cells & Meristems 1:12
  3. Stems 3:19
  4. Leaves 4:32
  5. Roots 6:55
  6. Fruits & Vegetables 9:36
  7. Review 14:23
  8. Extra Credit 15:57

Part 2 - What Are Plants Made Of?

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