10 World's Biggest Rainforests
10 World's Biggest Rainforests
Among the Earth's ecosystems, they support the largest range of plant and animal species, are home to most isolated indigenous groups, and drive the most powerful rivers.

Additionally, rainforests store huge amounts of carbon, moderate local temperatures, and affect regional and global precipitation and weather patterns.

Despite their significance, deforestation in the world's tropical forests has remained consistently high since the 1980s due to increasing human demands for food, fiber, and fuel, and the failure to recognize forests as healthy and productive ecosystems. On average, 3.2 million hectares of primary tropical forests, which are the most biodiverse and carbon-dense forests, have been lost every year since 2002. An even larger area of secondary forests is cleared or degraded.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:57 The Amazon Rainforest
  • 02:11 The Congo Rainforest
  • 03:08 Australiasian Realm
  • 04:16 Sundaland
  • 04:58 Indo-Burma
  • 05:48 Mesoamerica
  • 06:07 Wallacea
  • 06:35 Guinean Forests of West Africa
  • 06:57 Atlantic Forest
  • 07:18 Chocó-Darien
  • 07:45 Other Regions
  • 08:05 Conclusion

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