Morgan Le Fay - The Arthurian Enchantress
Morgan Le Fay - The Arthurian Enchantress
Arthurian Legend is filled with magical characters, but few standout quite like Morgan le Fay, or Morganna.

In modern fiction, she is portrayed as the evil or morally gray sorceress sister of King Arthur, rival to Merlin and mother of Mordred. However, in old manuscripts from Geoffrey of Monmouth, the Vulgate and Post-Vulgate Cycles, Sir Thomas Malory, and others her origins and intentions are not always so clear.

She has been portrayed as a fairy, a goddess, a sorceress, a kindly healer, a scheming villain, or a cunning trickster. But in all interpretations, she is a powerful force, capable of swaying the tide of any story she appears in!

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Morgana (Morgan le Fey): The Powerful Sorceress of Camelot

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