A Day In The Life Of A Shen Yun Dancer
A Day In The Life Of A Shen Yun Dancer
What's a day like at the Shen Yun headquarters in New York? In this episode, Shen Yun perfomer/instructor William Li gives us a rundown of his action-packed 12-hour schedule back at home base.

The day kickstarts with some pre-sunrise training as warmup. Then, Will and his company have classical Chinese dance training, followed by a tumbling session. During lunch break, Sam, Will and Co. attack homegrown ghost peppers—the ghost peppers get the last laugh. After a leisurely outdoor photoshoot, it's back to the physical stuff: tornado kicks and conditioning.

The workday is wrapped up with one final rehearsal session. Will drives home and winds down with a typical Shen Yun member routine: meditation and readings on moral improvement. William finally hits the day. Tomorrow's another epic day.

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