A Day In The Life Of A Shen Yun Dancer
A Day In The Life Of A Shen Yun Dancer
What's a day like at the Shen Yun headquarters in New York? In this episode, Shen Yun perfomer/instructor William Li gives us a rundown of his action-packed 12-hour schedule back at home base.

The day kickstarts with some pre-sunrise training as warmup. Then, Will and his company have classical Chinese dance training, followed by a tumbling session. During lunch break, Sam, Will and Co. attack homegrown ghost peppers—the ghost peppers get the last laugh. After a leisurely outdoor photoshoot, it's back to the physical stuff: tornado kicks and conditioning.

The workday is wrapped up with one final rehearsal session. Will drives home and winds down with a typical Shen Yun member routine: meditation and readings on moral improvement. William finally hits the day. Tomorrow's another epic day.

Author, educator, musician, dancer and all around creative type. Founder of "The Happy Now" website and the online jewelry store "Silver and Sage".

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