Sew Fierce
Sew Fierce
Sew Fierce is a new competition series showcasing the craft of drag, where designers and costumers compete in weekly challenges to create new looks, hosted by Barbada De Barbades and with design mentor Jaime Lujan aka Lucinda Miu.

Eight of the world’s top drag designers compete to win the first ever drag designer competition and a cash prize of $10,000. Each week the designers will create a look based on a theme, and will then complete a photoshoot to showcase their designs modeled by up-and-coming drag artists. Episode 1 premiered April 14, 2023.

Now..the promo for the second episode was just released 4 days ago.  Not sure why a couple weeks lag.

The shows is created by and available on OUTtv for 3.99 a month. Available on Roku, Apple TV, iOS and Android apps, without a cable TV subscription.  Available in the US and Canada.

Episode 1

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