Teresa Brewer (1931-2007)
Teresa Brewer (1931-2007)
American Pop singer of the 1950s. While still a teenager, Teresa Brewer became a star when she released a perky little song called "Music, Music, Music" in 1950. For four decades, she continued to enchant with songs like "Ricochet," "Till I Waltz Again With You," and "A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl."

With her wide eyes and powerful voice, Teresa Brewer began her career on the radio at the age of two. She toured with the Major Bowes talent show for seven years, then dropped out of the business for seven more before resuming her career at 16. In 1950, her recording of "Music! Music! Music!" set her career in motion and, for the next decade, she churned out mega-hits such as "'Til I Waltz Again with You," "Ricochet Romance," and "Let Me Go Lover."

Brewer's unusual voice also lent itself to country tunes like "Bo Weevil," "Empty Arms," and "You Send Me." She made one movie, Those Red Heads from Seattle, in 1953, and did frequent television and club appearances.

Brewer also composed novelty songs, including "I Love Mickey," "Down the Holiday Trail," "There's Nothing as Lonesome as Saturday Night," and "Hush-a-bye Wink-a-bye Do."

In 1972, Brewer married Bob Thiele, who had produced some of her early hits. He produced her later albums as well, including several with jazz greats Count BasieDuke Ellington, and Bobby Hackett.

Music! Music! Music! on The Ed Sullivan Show (1950)

Till I Waltz Again With You (1953)

Ricochet Romance (1953)

Let Me Go Lover on The Ed Sullivan Show (1954)

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