Leonardo's Salvator Mundi: Scholarship, Science and Skulduggery
Leonardo's Salvator Mundi: Scholarship, Science and Skulduggery
This lecture looks at the discovery, conservation and scientific examination of Leonardo's Salvator Mundi, the world's most costly picture.

A lecture by Martin Kemp, University of Oxford 1 May 2019

The newly discovered Salvator by Leonardo, the world’s most costly picture, is one of his most notable creations, in which he used his ‘science of art’ to transform a stock subject into a profound expression of the ineffability of the divine.

We will look at the remarkable story of its discovery, its conservation and scientific examination, the research into how it works as an image and its provenance. We will also look at the scandalous events of its ownership and how it came to be where it is now.

You can watch additional lectures on the Gresham College website.

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