Drunk UNO
Drunk UNO
The game of UNO is a family tradition for most people. Often tucked away in dusty boxes and cupboards. It’s a simple game which, when you add in a few drinks can become wicked fun!!

These rules turn a classic card game into a great social drinking game that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone – just grab some drinks and a deck of UNO cards.

The Drunk UNO Drinking Game is guaranteed to spice up any games night. A free download of the rules & SVG Files to make your own shot glasses can be found – HERE


Just a standard pack of UNO cards – If you don’t have any, they can be found on Amazon.

The Setup

Play UNO as you normally would be with these adjusted rules……

The Rules

This Drunk UNO game can be played using shots or alternatively exchange the shots for a sip/gulp of your respective drink.

🥃 Start the Game – Each player takes a drink

🥃 Draw a 2 – Take a drink

🥃 Draw a 4 – Take 2 drinks

🥃 If you get reversed – Take 2 drinks

🥃 If you get skipped – Take a drink

🥃 If you claim False UNO – Take 3 drinks

🥃 Winner – Choose an opponent to take 3 drinks.

Click Here to Download

Always Drink Responsibly

Don’t Drink & Drive

These rules are a personal representation and are in no way official rules or affiliated in any way with Mattel Games.

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