Music Teacher Makes Violins from Recycled Material for Kids
Music Teacher Makes Violins from Recycled Material for Kids
He’s a professional violinist and music teacher turned carpenter.

Jesus Peralta wants to share his love of the violin with children in Lima, Peru, but he says the only way he can get the instrument into the hands of many future musicians is to make them himself. So he’s been crafting his own violins out of recycled materials. Wood, plastic bottles, and string all come together in his workshop for the total cost of about $20 dollars per violin.

If you'd like to see a more formal version and try your own hand at building a violin you can check out this next video.  

Visit for the Text-based Guide


  • Start Making  : 00:00
  • Mould Make.  : 00:22
  • Rib Making.    : 01:38
  • Back Plate.     : 02:54
  • Lining.             : 05:20
  • Front Plate.    : 05:55
  • F holes cut.    : 07:11
  • Bass Bar         : 07:56
  • Scroll make.   : 10:16
  • Fixing.             : 13:06
  • Sound Post.   : 14:15
  • Varnish.          : 15:08
  • Bridge fix.      : 16:48
  • Testing.          : 18:02

How to Make A Violin 🎻 Homemade Violin - DIY Guide

If by chance you'd like to try your hand at building your own violin there are many kits on Amazon.  Personally, I wouldn't try it.  You may be more adventurous than I.

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