Sub Urban - Paramour
Sub Urban - Paramour
“PARAMOUR” is a single by Sub Urban which features Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA.

This song was originally teased by Sub Urban himself via Instagram stories after being asked “what have you been doing in quarantine”, to which he replied with a snippet of the song, hinting that he had been working on music.

Later, on November 10th, 2021, he uploaded a snippet to his TikTok.

The song officially released on November 19th alongside a music video featuring AURORA. Sub Urban and AURORA explained that the song is about how some parents influence their children’s love lives and still treat them like kids, sometimes resulting in them getting kicked out of their own house when they choose to stay with their lover. The song is sang from various perspectives, specially in AURORA’s verse, when she sings from both the father’s and the daughter’s perspective.

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