My Favorite Things?
My Favorite Things?
The Sound of Music goes down in history as one of the most popular and iconic musicals. Julie Andrews knocked it out of the park.

One of the most popular songs from the musical has become a Holiday classic and as such has also been sampled by artists.  Here are some of those songs that have used this iconic song. is the original that everyone loves.  Especially during the holidays.

The Sound of Music

Here are a couple others.  I'm sure you've heard Ariana's "7 Rings" on the radio.  Then there is the Big Brovaz version with a bit more edge.

Ariana Grande - 7 Rings

Big Brovaz - Favourite Things

These next three are "iffy".  At least for my own taste.  I enjoy some Lil' Wayne as much as the next person but...

Lil' Wayne - Favorite Things Feat. Juelz Santana

Carol Of My Favorite Grinch (Sauniks vs. Thurl Ravenscroft vs. Julie Andrews)

Laibach - My Favorite Things

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