Johnny Hates Jazz - Selections
Johnny Hates Jazz - Selections
Johnny Hates Jazz are pop rock group which formed in 1986 in London, England. They had a succession of worldwide hits in the late 80’s...

including “Shattered Dreams”, “I Don’t Want To Be A Hero”, “Turn Back The Clock” and “Heart Of Gold”. Their debut album “Turn Back The Clock” shot straight to #1 in the UK album charts and went double platinum.

“Shattered Dreams”, which reached #2 in the US and Japan, has now been played more than 3.2 million times on US radio alone. The band split in 1992 and reformed in 2009

Original members Clark Datchler and Mike Nocito have now recorded and released a new Johnny Hates Jazz album entitled “Magnetized”. Read more on

I Don't Want To Be A Hero

Shattered Dreams

Turn Back The Clock

Heart Of Gold

Don't Say It's Love

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