Elvin Bishop - I Fooled Around And Fell In Love
Elvin Bishop - I Fooled Around And Fell In Love
"Fooled Around and Fell in Love" is a song written and performed by blues guitarist Elvin Bishop with Mickey Thomas on lead vocals. It appeared on his 1975 album, Struttin' My Stuff, and was released as a single the following year.

Mickey Thomas is an American rock singer, best known as one of the lead vocalists of Jefferson Starship and Starship.  The song is so popular it has been covered by Rock icons to the likes of Rod Stewart and most recently Miranda Lambert and her group of fellow female country artists for a fundraiser.

Elvin Bishop/Mickey Thomas (1975)

Rod Stewart (2009)

The Winery Dogs (2015)

Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, Elle King, Ashley McBryde, Tenille Townes and Caylee Hammack (2019)

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