Becky G: Tiny Desk Concert
Becky G: Tiny Desk Concert
The Tiny Desk had a considerable pop sheen when vocalist Becky G took her place alongside a backing band featuring a string quartet. The stripped down sound of some of her biggest hits offered a rare view of her artistry.

"BAILÉ CON MI EX" is the perfect example of an unforgettable hook. It had the NPR staff audience bopping in place for what she described as a "warm up" for the rest of her set. "MAMII" was originally recorded with Karol G, but performed alone, and the Tiny Desk version was no less a scorcher. Here, interplay with guitarist Justice West at the beginning set the temperature for a slow burn.

The showstopper is her duet with vocalist DannyLux, "CRIES IN SPANISH," a song they did together on her latest album, Esquinas. I have to admit that when he started his part of the song, it was apparent that their voices were kind of made for eachother. And by the time she obliged us with her Tiny Desk concert take on "Shower," she had cast her spell: I ended up singing that chorus for the rest of the day.


  • "MAMIII"
  • "CRIES IN SPANISH" (feat. DannyLux)
  • "Shower"
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