The Most Overplayed Piano Songs
The Most Overplayed Piano Songs
When you see a piano in a mall and have the urge to play on it, what piece is it that you turn to? Or, on the other hand, what is the most played song in malls and by people who choose to perform on these pianos?

Were you in chorus in school?  What song did do you or someone you know always sit down and play because they learned a few notes?

Although these pieces may be overplayed, it is not to say that you should not play them. They are the basics and foundation and what’s a musical education if you haven’t experienced playing any of these pieces?

If you ever took piano lessons I guarantee you have learned many of these songs.  They are a staple of music education. 

From your school music rooms to weddings, funerals and concerts.  These are the most played - or overplayed - songs on the piano.

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