The Magical Christmas Of The Smurfs
The Magical Christmas Of The Smurfs
This compilation includes five Christmas episodes sure to put a smile on your face.

00:00 The Smurfs' Christmas - The Smurfs come to the rescue of two children and their grandfather when a mysterious stranger appears and causes their sleigh to crash. Knocking on Gargamel's door for help puts them and the Smurfs in danger…

22:43 Baby's First Christmas - The wonderful joy of Christmas for Baby Smurf and everyone else is almost ruined by the evil Chlorhydris who puts a spell on Mr. Nicholas to stop him from spreading holiday cheer. Fortunately, Papa Smurf and his little blue creatures break the spell and Christmas spreads over the land once more.

43:53 The Abominable Snowbeast  - Brainy and his friends organize a journey to Ice Mountain to pick the rare snow flower for Papa Smurf. They meet a terrifying snow beast that befriends them, due to Smurfette's kindness, and helps them find the tiny flower.

55:18 S-Shivering S-Smurfs  - Winter has come all of a sudden. The Smurfs are almost all victims of smurfmonia. Can Tracker Smurf find the healing smurfroot without falling into the evil Gargamel's traps?

1:06:43 The Magic Sack Of Mr. Nicholas - If there is one thing that displeases the evil enchantress Chlorhydris, it's the mirth and love of Christmas. She sets out to kidnap Mr. Nicholas' magic sack, the one in which he carries all the toys that good children receive at Christmas. She doesn't know that a frowning Grouchy Smurf is hiding inside the sack.


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