The Hunter (1960)
The Hunter (1960)
The Hunter was a private eye who spent much of his time exposing the schemes of The Fox, a wily criminal who engaged in one scam after another. The sleuthhound received most of his assignments from Officer Flim Flanagan. Flanagan, who had a great deal of respect for The Hunter’s talent in solving cases, was totally unaware that his go-to detective got outsmarted at every turn, and only ever solved a case through pure luck.

The Hunter premiered in 1960 as one of several, four-minute segments on King Leonardo and his Short Subjects. Other segments included Tooter Turtle and The King and Odie, as well as a series of ninety-second stories starring Twinkles the elephant. An additional season’s worth of The Hunter episodes were produced for the series Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales when it premiered in 1963.

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