Beetle Bailey (1963)
Beetle Bailey (1963)
Beetle Bailey, the Private who'd rather drop and nap than drop and do 20, is the wise-cracking joker of the most famous Army camp, Camp Swampy, where befuddled General Halftrack still hasn't heard from the Pentagon, grumbling Sgt. Snorkle has never had a date and Cookie still makes those high-bouncing meatballs. Join Beetle Bailey and his army buddies and sound off with laughter.

Beetle Bailey was a television series based on the 1950s strip, consisting of 50 six-minute animated cartoon shorts produced by King Features Syndicate, was animated by Paramount Cartoon Studios in the U.S. and Artransa Film Studios in Sydney, Australia. The series was first broadcast in 1963 as part of The King Features Trilogy. 50 episodes were produced.

The opening credits included the sound of a bugle reveille, followed by a theme song specifically composed for the cartoon. In the closing credits Geoff Pike was listed as Director.

Intro and Closing Credits

Beetle Bailey Special

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Halftrack's Navy AND MORE - Episode # 2

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