Top 10 Most Beautiful and Rare Red Diamonds
Top 10 Most Beautiful and Rare Red Diamonds
Red diamonds are extremely rare and usually quite small as diamonds go, however, their price is not small with some being sold for $1,000,000 per carat! They are ‘new’ diamonds so there is little history to tell with them.

The hue of coloured diamonds is largely influenced by various chemical impurities, such as those caused by nitrogen and boron. Red diamonds, however, are wholly comprised of pure carbon. So how can a stone with no such impurities attain such a magnificent colour?

Experts believe that the red colour is due to rare deformities in the stones’ anatomical structure which resulted from increased stress during their formation. These lattice defects internally bend and refract the light that enters, giving them their characteristic colour.

This also explains why colour vibrancy is highly related to the source of light. It has been observed that natural daylight brings out the best and most brilliant red colour, while fluorescent light often causes the diamonds to seem dull.

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