Sigiriya - Ancient Sky City Built With Advanced Technology
Sigiriya - Ancient Sky City Built With Advanced Technology
One of the most impressive places in Sri Lanka is Sigiriya, a site often named the 8th wonder of the world.

Sigiriya was also home to an ancient city that sat atop the monolithic rock towering 650 feet over the town of Dambulla in the Matale District of Sri Lanka. The site attracts thousands of tourists daily and has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1982.

Many believe that the giant monolithic rock looks unnatural because of its perfectly flat top, which almost looks like it's been cut at a precise angle. The locals believe this ancient site was built thousands of years ago by an ancient Hindu god, named Ravana, who was part of an advanced race of beings known as the Asura.

These deities are said to have come down from the sky and ruled over portions of humanity. There are strange scoop marks and holes in the rock, and at the top, there are bricks, marble blocks, and an enormous granite water tank found in the middle of the site.  How all of them were built and how ancient carried the materials to the top is still unexplained.

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