Abandoned Prison Island - Exploring Drake's Island UK
Abandoned Prison Island - Exploring Drake's Island UK
Exploring the UKs abandoned prison island, fortified for over 400 years.

This 6.5 acre island is over 300 million years old.

It was the focal point of the defence for what is now known as the city of Plymouth, UK.

Fortification of the island began in 1549, in defence against the French and Spanish, with barracks for over 300 men.

After restoration in 1660, Charles II used the island as the state prison for 25 years, where many men would have met their bitter end. Was there an oubliette?

There is also rumour of tunnels that run to the mainland, these have never been found, did they ever exist?

Join us as we sail over to the island together and explore everything it has to offer, long underground tunnels, rusting cannons and views from its highest point.

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