Dance Crazes of the 60s
Dance Crazes of the 60s
These are just a few of the dance styles that permeated the 60s. There were songs recorded in celebration of the dances and slippery wood floors and leather soled shoes that contributed to the movement of the styles.

The Twist

  • 0:16 Chubby Checker
  • 0:26 Teri Garr and Dorothy Lamour Pajama Party
  • 0:40 Joey Dee

The Watusi 

  • 1:02 Lucy Bains Johnson and Steve McQueen 
  • 1:20 Natalie Wood

The Watusi/Dog 

  • 1:31 Ann Margret with Elvis Presley in Viva Las Vegas 
  • 1:44 Toni Basil 

The Swim 

  • 1:59 Toni Basil and Dorothy Lamour Pajama Party 

Bobby Freeman Shindig 

  • 2:11 Maria Gahva, Gina Trikonis, Anita Mann, Pam Freeman, Marianna Pecora, Lorene Yarnell, Melanie Alexander, Toni Basil, Teri Garr

Marvin Gaye The Tami Show 

  • 3:27 - The Watusi Debbie & Essie
  • 3:52 The Pony Joy & Stevie Ciro 

The Jerk 

  • 4:17- Sam Riddle Hollywood A GoGo & The Larks
  • 5:15 Roberta Tennis Deutsch 
  • 5:49 The Skate

James Brown 

  • 6:13- The Boogaloo, the Funky Chicken, the James Brown the Mashed Potatoes, the Camel Walk

Billy Preston performance style mix up 

  • 6:52- The Skate, the James Brown, the Pony.


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