What is Musescore?
What is Musescore?
MuseScore is a music notation program for Windows, macOS, and Linux supporting a wide variety of file formats and input methods. It is released as free and open-source software under the GNU General Public License.

The first release arrive in September 2002.  It has sense been updated several times with the latest release being MuseScore 4 in December 2022.

Available in 16 languages and remember; it's TOTALLY FREE!! I personally have been using it for years for composition and arranging music for a variety of instruments as well as vocal ensembles.

MuseScore offers an entire support system, forum, tutorials and how to's.  Contributors create their masterpieces and freely offer it for the MuseScore community of users.

Announcing MuseScore 4 - A Gigantic Overhaul!

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