Top 10 Zombie's Songs
Top 10 Zombie's Songs
The Zombies rode the British Invasion wave like many of the bands that weren't the Beatles or the Rolling Stones: by having a couple of early hits and then fading into the corners of rock 'n' roll history.

But then their story took a detour along the way.

After they recorded their second album Odessey & Oracle in 1967, the Zombies became discouraged by dwindling commercial success and called it quits. A few months later, the LP – earmarked as a permanently shelved record made by a band that nobody seemed to care about anymore – found a famous champion at the record company.

Al Kooper, whose Blood, Sweat & Tears helped pioneer jazz-rock, convinced the label if it released Odessey & Oracle, the album would be a hit. It wasn't. But one of its songs, "Time of the Season," eventually climbed all the way to No. 3 in 1969 – more than a year and a half after it was recorded. And the album is now considered a cornerstone work of baroque pop, and one of rock's greatest cult records.

Even though they were around for only a handful of years at first – the Zombies reunited in 2004 and still perform – and their catalog isn't as deep as other Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, the band's influence is wide. And as you'll see in our below list of Top 10 Songs by the Zombies, it's not just Odessey & Oracle, though that classic album does show up several times.

From the jazz-inspired early singles to an aborted project started after "Time of the Season" temporarily resurrected the group, you'll find some of the best British Invasion, psychedelic rock and baroque pop music ever made.

10. She's Coming Home (1965)

9. I Want You Back Again (1965)

8. Whenever You're Ready (1965)

7. Imagine The Swan (1969)

6. This Will Be Our Year (1968)

5. Tell Her No (1965)

4. Care Of Cell 44 (1968)

3. A Rose For Emily (1968)

2. Time Of The Season (1968)

1. She's Not There (1964)

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