Top 10 Sheena Easton Songs
Top 10 Sheena Easton Songs
Sheena Easton, the dance-pop heroine of the 1980s, had her finger on the pulse of a hit from the moment she began her musical journey. She welcomed her breakout success as 1979 turned into 1980 and her songs set the pace for the shifting decade.

Disco sensibilities lingered in her early work which she began to marry with the powerful synthetics that quickly became a trademark of the ’80s. From there, her music continued to see evolution after evolution as she shed her eager innocence for risqué-pop queendom.

Listen to her music evolve in these 10 Sheena Easton essentials.

10. You Could Have Been With Me

9. “We’ve Got Tonight” with Kenny Rogers

8. Sugar Walls

7. Modern Girl

6. Strut

5. Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)

4. Almost Over You

3. For Your Eyes Only [Bond theme song 1981, Widescreen]

2. “U Got the Look” with Prince

1. 9 to 5 (Morning Train)

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