Michael Jackson - The King of Pop
Michael Jackson - The King of Pop
In a career that spanned almost all 50 years of his life, Michael Jackson became a mainstay on the Billboard charts.

It was his dominance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100, however, that entered him into the record books: As a solo artist, 13 of his singles went to No. 1 – the most by a male artist – and an additional four songs by the Jackson 5 also topped the chart.

He first saw success as part of the family band the Jackson 5, who notched massive hits for Motown right off the bat. Michael was earning solo hits even before parting ways with the group. 

Here are all of his #1s.  Both his solo hits and with his brothers. Now mind you, I played fast and loose with this list.  I included songs that hit #1 in other parts of the world as well.  He just has such an amazing discography I couldn't leave out some songs just because they didn't hit #1 in the US.


The Way You Make Me Feel (1988)

You Are Not Alone (1995)

Ben (1972)

Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough (1979)

Dirty Diana (1988)

Bad (1987)

I Just Can't Stop Loving You (1987)

Black Or White (1991)

The Love You Save (Jackson 5, 1970)

ABC (Jackson 5, 1970)

I Want You Back (Jackson 5, 1970)

Man In The Mirror (1988)

Rock With You (1980)

Beat It (1983)

I'll Be There (Jackson 5, 1970)

Billie Jean (1983)

Say Say Say (1983 featuring Paul McCartney)

Thriller (1982)

Smooth Criminal (1988)

Earth Song (1995)

You Rock My World (2001)

Break of Dawn (2001)

One More Chance (2003)

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