Madonna - The Queen of Pop
Madonna - The Queen of Pop
Madonna came to be known in the 1980s, and beyond, as the Queen of Pop.

But perhaps more than anything else, her superpower is the ability to reinvent herself. As fans can see below, her top 10 songs are a cornucopia of pop, dance, ballads, and more.

Known for pushing the boundaries, especially when it comes to sex and subject matter, Madonna has enjoyed a multi-decade career that continues today.

The artist, who moved to New York City in 1978 to pursue a career in modern dance, has done much more than that over the years. She’s become an icon thanks to best-selling albums, Like a Virgin in 1984, Ray of Light in 1998, and more. She’s also an actor, having played roles in Dick Tracy in 1990, A League of Their Own in 1992, and Evita in 1996.

With over 300 million albums sold, she’s a legend. Let’s take a look at her top.

Like A Prayer (1989)

Material Girl (1984)

Vogue (1990)

Frozen (1998)

Music (2000)

Express Yourself (1989)

Ray Of Light (1998)

Like A Virgin (1984)

Justify My Love (1990)

I'll Remember (1994)

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