I'll Never Love This Way Again
I'll Never Love This Way Again
"I'll Never Love This Way Again" is a song written and composed by English musician Richard Kerr and American lyricist Will Jennings.

First recorded by Kerr himself for his album Welcome to the Club as "I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again", released in November 1978. A version by Cheryl Ladd was released first on her self-titled album in July 1978.

The song became a hit for American singer Dionne Warwick the following year, which was produced by her labelmate Barry Manilow for Warwick's Arista Records debut, Dionne. It was also recorded by British singer Cherrill Rae Yates before Warwick recorded and released her version of the song.

Richard Kerr (1978)

Cheryl Ladd (1978)

Cherrill Rae (1979)

Dionne Warwick (1979)

Just for kicks here is a newly released (2016) version.

Gary Valenciano (2016)

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