Dolly Parton Finally Joins TikTok
Dolly Parton Finally Joins TikTok
Her first TikTok post is a montage of clips of the country icon, ending with a "Hey, TikTok! It's Dolly!" message.

Dolly Parton has jumped on the TikTok train! The 76-year-old country superstar finally graced fans with her presence over the weekend on the popular social media app, and she posted a slew of videos! Even though Dolly is a little late to the TikTok party, in her words she said, "better late than never!"

The 11-time Grammy winner debuted her TikTok profile, @DollyParton, and released “Berry Pie,” a Holiday baking ditty drawing from traditional bluegrass styles, exclusively on TikTok as a sound for fans to use in their own videos. Her first TikTok, backed with her hit “9 to 5,” was captioned, “I have arrived!”

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