Britney Spears Songs On Glee
Britney Spears Songs On Glee
We all know how iconic Britney Spears is. She will go down in history as the "Princess of Pop".

Given her popularity in Pop music it is only fitting she was featured on the TV show Glee.  Her songs were featured in three episodes.  Here is the list of songs and the episode they were on.

Song Sung Episode
I'm a Slave 4 U Brittany Britney/Brittany
Me Against the Music Brittany and Santana Britney/Brittany
...Baby One More Time Rachel Britney/Brittany
Stronger Artie with the McKinley Titans Britney/Brittany
Toxic Will Schuester and New Directions Britney/Brittany
Hold It Against Me Brittany with the Cheerios Britney 2.0
Boys Artie and Blaine Britney 2.0
Womanizer Marley, Tina and Unique Britney 2.0
3 Joe, Sam and Tina Britney 2.0

'U Drive Me Crazy

Marley and Jake Britney 2.0
Oops!... I Did it Again Rachel Britney 2.0
Gimme More Brittany with New Directions Britney 2.0
Everytime Marley Britney 2.0
Toxic (Season Five) Quinn, Santana and Brittany 100
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