Recorder's Are NOT Just For Kids?!
Recorder's Are NOT Just For Kids?!
The recorder is a family of woodwind musical instruments in the group known as internal duct flutes: flutes with a whistle mouthpiece, also known as fipple flutes.

You may recognize the recorder from that annoying sounding instruments kids learn to play in grammar school music class.  BUT did you know they come in many different sizes?  From a teeny tiny Garklein to the super big Bass.  There are actually "recorder ensembles" or "chamber orchestras" comprised of just Records from the largest to the smallest.  Check out some of these performances.

You can get Recorders made from plastic, wood and metal.  Some even have buttons and other hardware depending on its size and manufacturer.

Need a Recorder?  You can grab the most popular Yamaha YRS-23 (Soprano) over on Amazon which happens to be the one I have as well. 

You may also need a book with finger charts and sample music for the beginner.  It happens to be the same book I use for beginning students.

Fingering code used:

0 = thumb closed

1 = L index finger closed

2 = L middle finger closed

3 = L ring finger closed

4 = R index finger closed

5 = R middle finger closed

6 = R ring finger closed

7 = R pinky finger closed

8 = hole in the bottom of the recorder closed

- = hole half closed

If you'd 

A Short History of the Recorder

Starting the recorder: what you need to know

Beginner Recorder Lesson: learning the notes | Team Recorder

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If you like to learn more about the Recorder and how to use it you can go on over and check out Sara at Team Recorder.

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