These ‘Highly Coveted’ Apple Sneakers Are On Sale For $50,000
These ‘Highly Coveted’ Apple Sneakers Are On Sale For $50,000
A pair of “ultra-rare” custom-made sneakers designed to be a one-time giveaway for Apple employees in the mid-’90s is for sale by auctioneer Sotheby’s with a $50,000 price tag —more than seven times the price of Apple’s most expensive available computer.


Apple Inc Vinage Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers


The shoes—which arrive new in the box—are mostly white, in a similar shape to the trendy Nike Air Forces, feature the old school rainbow Apple logo on the tongue and lateral quarter, and come with an extra pair of red shoelaces.

Sotheby’s is not auctioning the shoes, rather they’re available for immediate purchase through the Buy Now marketplace arm of the site.

Though the pair has never been worn, Sotheby’s warns of imperfections “consistent with age,” including some yellowing around the midsoles and light marks on the toe boxes.

The shoes were never available to the general public, making the pair “one of the most obscure in existence,” according to the Sotheby’s listing.

The shoes are currently the third most expensive pair of sneakers for sale on Sotheby’s site behind a pair of Nike SB Dunk Low Paris Bernard Buffet going for $90,000 and a pair of Nike x Louis Vuitton Air Force 1s going for $75,000.

Apple Inc Vintage Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers_2


In 1986—prior to becoming the technology giant it is now—Apple released “The Apple Collection,” a spread of clothing and accessories like umbrellas, bags and keychains that featured the rainbow Apple logo, CNN reported. The collection also featured a watch and pocket knife, umbrella and towels, according to Insider.


Old Apple merchandise is having a moment this summer. Earlier this month, a first-generation iPhone from 2007 was auctioned off for $190,373. That’s about 380 times the phone’s original price of $499. ABC News reported that was the third original iPhone to be auctioned at a record price after an 8GB model sold for $63,356 in February and another sold for $39,340 last October.
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