Lauren Halsey: The Roof Garden Commission
Lauren Halsey: The Roof Garden Commission
Go behind the scenes with artist Lauren Halsey, who discusses the inspiration and making of The Met’s 2023 Roof Garden Commission.

American artist Lauren Halsey (b. 1987, Los Angeles) has created a full-scale architectural structure imbued with the collective energy and imagination of the South Central Los Angeles Community where she was born and continues to work.

Titled "the eastside of south central los angeles hieroglyph prototype architecture (I)," the installation is designed to be inhabited by The Met’s visitors, who will be able to explore its connections to sources as varied as ancient Egyptian symbolism, 1960s utopian architecture, and contemporary visual expressions like tagging that reflect the ways in which people aspire to make public places their own.

On view April 18th through October 22nd, 2023.

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