100 Greatest Paintings of All Time
100 Greatest Paintings of All Time
Rummaging through historical works and identifying the 100 greatest is not an easy task. These paintings were chosen based on popularity. Several sites were used as resources in identifying the most popular paintings.

A few notable works...

  • 00:15 Noche estrellada (Vincent Vang Gogh) 
  • 00:25 El grito (Edward Munch) 
  • 00:40 Guernica (Pablo Picasso) 
  • 1:12 Persistencia de la memoria (Salvador Dalí)
  • 1:26 Las meninas (Diego Velázquez)
  • 1:33 La creación de Adán (Miguel Ángel)
  • 2:38 Noche de café en la terraza (Vincent Vang Gogh)
  • 4:38 El cargador de Flores (Diego Rivera)
  • 6:56 Los zorros (Franz Marc)
  • 8:16 El café de noche (Vincent Vang Gogh)
  • 13:03 Salida de la luna sobre el mar (Caspar David Firedrich)
  • 13:12 Autorretrato (Vincent Vang Gogh)
  • 13:37 Un amigo necesitado (Cassius M. Coolidge)
  • 14:54 Tres músicos (Pablo Picasso)
  • 15:43 El viejo guitarrista (Pablo Picasso)
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