12 Signs You Might Be Suffering From PTSD
12 Signs You Might Be Suffering From PTSD
Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) refers to a state in which we are severely impacted in the present by emotional neglect in our childhoods.

The symptoms include high anxiety, low self-esteem, a constant sense of dread - and (often) difficulty being able to sleep. By learning more about our condition, we can  (probably through the help of psychotherapy) hope to free ourselves and be more at ease in the world.

    1. A feeling that nothing is safe
    2. We can never relax
    3. Can’t really sleep & wake up early
    4. Appalling self-image
    5. Drawn to highly unavailable people
    6. Sickened by people who want to be cozy with us
    7. Prone to lose temper very badly
    8. Highly paranoid
    9. Other people seem dangerous so we like to be alone
    10. Life feels exhausting
    11. We’re not spontaneous
    12. Attempt to find security through various things like money, fame etc


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