Acrylic Painting for Beginners Basic Supplies
Acrylic Painting for Beginners Basic Supplies
If you are having trouble mixing colors as a beginning painter, make sure that you are not using cheap craft paints. While these paints are sometimes suitable for crafts, their low level of pigment will have you frustrated when you are trying to mix colors and paint on canvas.

You can mix a full specturm of colors with just the primary colors. I also like to use thalo green for it’s distinctive minty color. I have been using the brand Grumbacher, and also recommend the brand Blick for beginning and mid-level artists.



You will need four standard types of brushes:

Or this handy kit includes all four sizes:

Additional brushes sometimes used:

Fan brushes:

And oval mop brushes:

And an old toothbrush!

Everything else

You’ll need something to paint on. I love to use boxed canvases from value packs, such as these. You can paint on any size you like, but I favor the 12×16″ or 11×14″ sizes for my tutorials.

Another thrifty option that I love to use is also these canvas boards.

You will need palate paper like this.

You will need to put down some sort of protective covering on the tablespace where you are painting, such as a tablecloth or butcher paper. You will also need paper towels and a water cup. (I usually get these kinds of things at a dollar store.)

Lastly, you may choose to use an easel, I like these aluminum table top easels, or even a full stand-up easel like this one if you are feeling extra professional, and you may also want to wear an apron to protect your clothes.

Ok, let’s get creative!!
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