Deviled Eggs
Deviled Eggs
Do you like to entertain? Do you like Deviled eggs? I bet you never considered how many ways there are to make them.

Remember, egg whites basically have zero flavor.  They are just a shell.  You can fill them with pretty much anything you want.  Whether it is savory or sweet.  Yes!  Even chocolate or berries!!! There is a new book demonstrating exactly that with recipes for all occasions.  

It has bacon, sausage, chorizo, frosting, many options.  The book will also be expanding with new recipes to try in the near future.  Including...SEAFOOOD!!! Whether it is for a party, a BBQ or a holiday.  There will be something you'd like to try.  All are sure to impress.

There will be a free copies giveaway from Tuesday, February 14 to Friday, February 17.

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