Chicago Thin Crust Pizza (Pub Style Pizza)
Chicago Thin Crust Pizza (Pub Style Pizza)
Few foods take us to nostalgia land like Chicago pub style thin crust pizza. Flaky, crisp crust, mozz, greasy-crunchy pepperonis? Yes Please! You don't need to be sold on pizza though because as we've all learned by now, pizza is dope. In this video, Brian gets into the weeds on what makes his thin crust pizza recipe even better than the pies he grew up eating and how you can make it at home.


  • 330g or 2.5 C. AP FLOUR
  • 4g or 1.5 tsp YEAST
  • 6g or 1 tsp SALT
  • 170g or 2/3c WATER
  • 30g or about 2  TBPS BUTTER 

(or for a gluten free version, we recommend following the  America's Test Kitchen's "Best Gluten Free Pizza" dough recipe 

FOR THE SAUCE (you may want to make a 2X if you like it saucy)

  • 1 8OZ can TOMATO SAUCE
  • 40g or 2.5 TBPS TOMATO PASTE
  • 1/2g or strong pinch OREGANO dry
  • 5g SALT
  • 10g SUGAR

Stir or Puree to combiine

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