Gelato Masterclass
Gelato Masterclass
If you’ve ever been to Italy or dreamed of traveling there, chances are you’ve heard of gelato, the delightful frozen treat that comes in a rainbow of colors and flavors. But what is gelato exactly? Is it just a fancy name for ice cream?

In this class, Maria will explain exactly what makes gelato different from ice cream, give you pro tips to make and serve outstanding gelato, and show you how to make a versatile gelato base you can turn into a variety of flavors. She will even show you how to make DAIRY-FREE, VEGAN gelato, a tasty variation everyone will love, whether they need to abide by a special diet or not.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:41 How Is Gelato Different from Ice Cream?
  • 3:14 Do You Need an Ice Cream Maker?
  • 5:42 Pro Tips to Make Gelato
  • 7:45 Sicilian-Style Gelato Base
  • 13:04 Fruit-Based Gelato (Fresh Blueberry Gelato)
  • 15:37 Pistachio Gelato (Making Your Own Pistachio Paste)
  • 18:43 Dark Chocolate Gelato
  • 20:42 Making Vegan Gelato (Mango and Passion Fruit Gelato)
  • 23:10 How to Serve Gelato (Creative Tips to Make Gelato Even Better)
  • 25:23 Final Thoughts (Let’s Get Churning!)


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